Biasi Heat Exchanger (DHW) - BI1001101

Price: £59.94
Price without VAT: £49.95
Vat amount: £9.99

Biasi Domestic Hot Water Heat Exchanger - BI1001101 -Replaced Part Number BG1001101

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This is an OEM Part

Product Fits Biasi 24S
Biasi Garda He M96 -24Sm-B2
Biasi Garda He M96.24 Sm/B
Biasi Garda He M96.24 Sm/D
Biasi Garda M90F 24S
Biasi Parva M90 24S
Biasi Prisma 24Se
Biasi Riva 24S
Biasi Riva 24Sr
Biasi Riva Compact He M96.24 Sm/C
Biasi Riva Compact M90E 24S
Biasi Savio Gaia 24S